Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brain Grain

"Doesn't look like that dog is too interested in the art!" Thanks mom!

Thanks to anyone who made it to the Fecal Face opening a few weeks
back, and thanks to everyone with the courage to spend a little money
on a drawing. Well done. More thanks: Thanks to my girlfriend for all the time
spent helping with(doing) everything I put off until the last second and thanks
to the Trippes for running such a fine website and gallery and sailboat and
for taking these photos of my big night and thanks to the SF Chronicle for doing
that nice little write up and thanks to MJ for reminding everybody that, in spite
of advances in modern medicine, it is no less important to take good care of your heart!



The above piece went to the insanely well curated Scribble 08
film premier/exhibition. Everything on the walls with the exception of
this was top notch. Thanks again to Mark Murphy for the opportunity.


In other news, for those of you who are looking to have your eyes at least
partially opened to some ideas that will surely throw a wrench in your daily
routine, do yourself a favor and go check out one(or all three) of these books
from the library. Daniel Quinn is the frumpy bitter old man behind the books;
and while he is perhaps a little too self important and redundant for his own
good, the man has some pointed things to say about how things got to be this way
and how to look at our culture's collective situation without sighing hopelessly.

The Story of B
My Ishmael

Ideally they will act as a spring board for your brain into a totally new and incredibly
relevant realm of attainable knowledge! In other words: don't have kids until you've
read these books! Algebraic!

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